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Dr Rajeeve Rajput is senior consultant cardiologist with more than 30 years of experience in his field. He is full time consultant cardiologist in Apollo Hospital since 2000. Dr Rajput is doing IPD services & all kinds of complex cardiac interventional procedures. Dr Rajput is actively involved in research activities & has been principal investigator in many multi centre randomised trials. Dr Rajput is very actively involved in DNB Teaching program and is academic adviser for the dept. Dr Rajput has been regularly participating in community outreach programs like health camps program, public lectures & awareness activities about heart diseases.

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Services Offered

*OPD consultation, IPD Services & all kind of procedures at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

*Fully equipped clinic in Friends Colony with 2D ECHO, TMT, ABPM, Holter & blood test facility.


Among the finest Cardiologists in the city, Dr. Rajeeve Kumar Rajput (Heart and Gynae Clinic) is known for providing excellent patient care. The clinic is fully equipped & located in Friends Colony, A central and easily approachable place in South Selhi.

Dr Rajeeve Kumar Rajput,

30+ years of Experience

Cardiologist | Electrophysiologist

Dr Rajeeve Kumar Rajput is a renowned Cardiologist with experience of over 30+ years.

His area of specialization covers Angiography and Interventional Cardiology.

He is proficient in carrying out Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI), Valve Procedures, Endovascular Repair, RF Ablation & Permanent Pacemaker Implantation. He is the coordinator for heart failure and heart transplant services at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.

He also offers treatment for Carotid Artery Diseases.

Awards & Fellowships

*Awarded Fellowship of Indian College of Cardiology 2007

*Awarded Fellowship of International Medical Society of India 2007

*Awarded Fellowship of Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology Dec 2007

*Distinguished Service Award by WCPCGC 2009

*Fellowship of Society of Cardiac Angiography and Intervention 2010

*Fellowship Of European Society of Cardiology 2015

*Fellowship Cardiology Society of India 2017

*Member American Heart Association since 2017

*Fellowship Indian Society of Hypertension 2020


*MD Project Bone marrow culture studies in patients of Leukemias 1991, Lucknow University

*DM Project Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography in early post MI phase it's predictive valve to diagnose multivessel coronary artery disease 1995. PUBLISHED IN INDIAN HEART JOURNAL


*Efficacy and safety of XamilofibanHydrocholoride administration to patients undergoing coronary angioplasty and stent placement (EXCITE TRIAL).

*A randomized open label study of cyclosporine, steroid and sirolimus versus cyclosporine, steroid and sirolimus and azathioprine in cardiac allograft recepients.

*The efficacy of sustained released Mexonidine on mortality and morbidity in patients with congestive heart failure.

*Efficacy and Safety of Fixed Dose Combination of Amlodipine and Candesartan in Mild to Moderate Hypertension / Isolated Systolic Hypertension .

*Principal Investigator in BALANCE TRIAL Role of Lixivaptan in Congestive Heart Failure and Hyponatremia

*Principal Investigator in VISTA 16 Trial ; Protocol AN-CVD2233 titled VISTA- Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of Short-term A-002 Treatment in Subjects with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). VISTA-16: Vascular Inflammation Suppression to Treat Acute coronary syndrome for 16 weeks.

*Principal Investigator for GARFIELD REGISTRY

*Principal Investigator for IMPACT TRIAL

*Principal Investigator for ICMR project for developing AI for detecting ECG abnormalities.


*New Balloon Expandable Stent for furcation coronary lesions letter to the editor catheter and cardiovascular diagnosis 1997 42-2-235-6

*Improvement in contractility of infarcted segment after Dobutamine infusion corelated with good (TIMI 2-3 flow in infarct related artery; Indian Heart Journal 1997 March.)

*Dobutamine induced distant wall motion abnormalities after acute myocardial infarction predict multivessel coronary artery disease; Indian Heart Journal 1995; 47; 349-5

*Role of Metoprolol on left ventricular remodelling early after acute myocardial infarction; Indian Heart Journal 1995 abstract 230.

*True Restenosis after balloon mitral valvuloplasty; Indian Heart Journal 1995 Abstract 111.

*Serum and platelet sialic acid in acute myocardial infarction; Indian Heart Journal 1995 Abstract 97.

*Mitral Valve Reserve Capacity; The true measure of successful mitral valvuloplasty; Indian Heart Journal; Abstract 1997.

*Significance of Lipoprotien A in coronary artery syndromes; Indian Heart Journal 1995 abstract 242.

*Immediate and short term results of treating bifurcation coronary lesions with a new sidebranch stent; Annual Australian Cardiac Society Meeting 1998 73 65.

*Time course of reverse left ventricular remodelling in response to carvedilol in heart failure Australian Cardiac Society Meeting 1998 84 68.

*A Rare case of Ruptured Subclavian Artery Aneurysm treated Successfully with covered Stent Indian Heart Journal , 63:3 : 308-9 2009

*Role of thrombolysis in treatment of Pulmonary Embolism Indian Heart Journal 61 : 5: 467-9 2009

*National consensus Statement on management of Heart Failure Indian Heart Journal 2019

Book Chapter

*Acute Heart Failure in Book ICU Protocols A Stepwise Approach ; Pages 165- 171 ; Published by Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London 2012

*Use of Mechanical support devices in STEMI , STEMI Cardiology Update Jaypee page 938-947 , 2015

*Role of Devices In Heart Failure With Atrial Fibrillation AF Update , Jaypee Brothers 2016

*Consensus Update on Alcohol and Heart Diseases for Cardiology Society of India 2017

*AICD after Cardiac Arrest in Cardiodiabetes Cardiology Update 2018

*Management of Acute Heart Failure ICU Protocols 2019


Patient Reviews

Yousuf Farooqui

He is very polite, humble and highly experienced cardiologist ! I will recommend him if patients planing to go for angioplasty or angiography.

Sameer Tyagi

Very humble and polite doctor , extremely experienced. And those who are degrading him( especially those aggarwal ) by passing negative comments might be agents or something else i don't know , in fact I thought he is same person reviewing with different phones .

Sujata Agrawal

Most decent,polite and learned doctor Very kind hearted and knowledgeable Those who are writing wrong for him must go to government hospital for free treatment. Dr Rajeeve gives special discounts to poor patients but few guys are never satisfied and trusted

Sharad Kumar

Dr Rajeeve is very compassionate and caring. He is extremely competent, easily accessible and provides comfort to the patient. Will highly recommend him.

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